Dakota State University Information Assurance Lab Links

This is used for classes, your instructor will have setup these VMs for you.

This is used for student projects, a place where you can setup your own VMs.

This is used by Faculty only.

This is used by the CSC-420 Cellular/Mobile Communications class only.

This is used by the DefSec Club

IAlab hosted Linux Repos

Fast Facts

Quick Stats on IA Lab Specs.

vCloud Cluster

13.1 TB RAM
860 Cores @ 1.7 to 2.4 GHz
~72 TB Storage
63 Hosts

Wireless Cluster

768 GB RAM
144 Cores @ 1.7 GHz
~16 TB Storage
12 Hosts

Infrastructure Cluster

96 Cores @ 2.3 GHz
4 Hosts

Primary Storage Array

12.5 TB Raw SSD
94 TB Raw SAS
187 TB Raw NL
160 Physical Drives
275 TB usable

Secondary Storage Array

77 TB Raw SAS
88 Physical Drives
72 TB usable

Other Storage Arrays

300 GB Raw SSD
123 TB Raw SAS
148 TB Raw SATA
193 Physical Drives
~250 TB Usable